About Us

Classical Christianity is an effort to further enhance, edify, and educate our fellow brethren in the Orthodox Church and help non-Orthodox become more familiar with our teachings; in particular, teachings of the Holy Fathers. We aim to organize the teachings of the Fathers and any articles that we write so that those of us in this busy society can easily access them and “acquire the mind of the Fathers,” as Fr. Seraphim Rose says.

The name of the project, “Classical Christianity,” exists for the sake of what is known as the ‘classical’ period of time, usually referring to the teachings of the Church from Christ to the Great Schism. The Great Schism occurred in the 11th century, when the western portion of the Church departed to create what is now known as Roman Catholicism. That first millennium of the Church was not necessarily a golden era of some sort for us to attempt to recreate, but it was indeed a time of unity and spiritual dominion. After the Great Schism, the Eastern Church continued with the same apostolic doctrine that was taught by the ancient Fathers. We do occasionally publish teachings from Fathers of modern times, whose teachings are of the spirit of the early Fathers, but most of the quotes are from the early Fathers of the first millennium.

We hope and pray that God will continue to use Classical Christianity to help guide Orthodox Christians to enlightenment as well as bring non-Orthodox to the faith. We have dedicated Orthodox men that research and write for the site and we welcome interaction with the material posted here and any suggestions to better the project.