A Refutation of Old Calendarism

Metropolitan Chrysostom of Florina

The purpose of this paper is to critique the tenets of Old Calendarism (also known as True Orthodoxy) using a range of examples from the history of the Church. Since several other matters relating to zealotry (such as the change in the Church’s Calendar, syncretistic Ecumenism and Sergianism) also remain highly misunderstood amongst both Old Calendarists and New Calendarists alike, they too shall be addressed.

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– A Critique of Old Calendarist Ecclesiology –



  1. My one suggestion: I think it would be worth acknowledging in the first section of the text that the Finish Church – and possibly the Estonian, but I think they switched to the RJ – does use the Gregorian Calendar.

    I don’t think this undermines your argument at all since, as you point out, even someone or some church in breach of a condemnation aren’t automatically condemned; and two, the legitimacy of the OC’ists lives or dies by the rationale for why they schismed: their hierarchs imposing the “New” Calendar. It does no good to appeal to Finland since that anomaly didn’t exist when the OC’ists broke away, so to appeal to it as if it retroactively legitimatizes their schism is at best intellectually dubious.

  2. Dear Aaron,

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, the Finnish Church is in a somewhat anomalous situation insofar as it adopted the full Gregorian calendar. Nevertheless, as you correctly alluded to, the initial cause of the schism was due to the implementation of the *Revised Julian Calendar* in jurisdictions such as the Church of Greece (see pp. 32-34 of the essay). As such, appeals to the Finland situation to retroactively justify the schism must indeed be regarded as “intellectually dubious.” Moreover, the paper itself demonstrates conclusively that synodal condemnations are not automatic – consequently, even if every Patriarchate implemented the condemned Gregorian Calendar, this would *still* not result in their mechanical/automatic expulsion from the Church. To ensure that the paper is as comprehensive as possible, however, a note will be appended to footnote 1 (in relation to the Finland situation), in order to proactively clarify the issue for future readers. Thank you again for your contribution.

  3. Stelios M Zervos says

    2/3rds of the Orthodox World is on the Julian Calendar(the old calendar) BUT are in Full Communion With The Canonical Orthodox World which INCLUDES The Gregorian Calendar(the new calendar)
    There are 13 different “old calendar” jurisdictions that are in SCHIZM of each other NOT In Communion with each other !

  4. Who wrote this? Was this from the admins of this site?

  5. Fr. Anthony,

    No, we didn’t write this document. This was written by a lay brother.


  6. You do not have to post this comment, but I’m not sure where else to put this:

    Would it be possible for one of the Admins to give the author of this document my e-mail? I would like his permission to include parts of it in my thesis next year on Metr. Anthony (Khrapovitsky).

    Thank you!

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