On the Death of Archangel Michael (?)

St. Theophanes the Confessor and Chronographer ca. 760-817

When Alamoundaros, phylarch of the Saracens, had been baptized, the impious Severus sent two bishops to win him over to his leprous heresy, but, by the Providence of God, the man had been baptized by the Orthodox who accepted the Synod [of Chalcedon]. When Severus’ bishops attempted to pervert the phylarch from the true teaching, Alamoundaros refuted them wonderfully with the following theatrical act. For he said to them, ‘I received a letter today telling me that the Archangel Michael was dead.’ When they replied that this was impossible, the phylarch continued, ‘How is it then according to you that God alone was crucified, unless Christ was of two natures, if even an angel cannot die?’ And so Severus’ bishops departed in ignominy. (Chronographia, [digital version] 341 of 845)