On St. John Maximovitch

Met. Anthony Khrapovitsky 1863-1936

I am sending you Bishop John as my soul, as my heart. This little, frail man, almost a child in appearance, is something of a miracle of ascetic firmness and strictness in our time of universal spiritual paralysis…

Met. Philaret of New York 1903-1985

It is hardly possible to doubt that Vladyka manifestly pleased God by his truly ascetic life and struggle of prayer. It is worthy of attention that when we served his funeral on the sixth day (for various reasons I was long delayed en route, and they waited a long time for me; therefore, instead of the scheduled Tuesday, we performed the funeral on Thrusday, at six o’clock in the evening), his coffin stood open. Not only were there no signs of of bodily decomposition whatsoever, but Vladyka lay as one sleeping; his hands had their usual appearance and color and were soft and warm… his incorruption was obvious. (quotes excerpted from Lantern of Grace pp. 57-58)