On Becoming a Curse for Us

St. Maximus the Confessor ca. 580-662

What is the saying by the Apostle, “to be accursed from Christ for the sake of my kinsmen” (Rom. 9:3)?

“I would pray,” (Rom. 9:3) he says, to be handed over from Christ to the devil to be whipped and undergo for Israel’s sake the punishments which, according to what is just, they deserved because of their faithlessness to God, only so that they might be saved. In the same manner, the Lord also “handed Himself over” (Eph. 5:2, 25) and “has become a curse for our sakes.” (Gal. 3:13) (Questions and Doubts trans. by Despina D. Prassas pg. 142. Various Questions and Selections from Various Passages that are Perplexing: Question I, 4 [II, 12])