On Observing Orthodox Tradition

St. Nil of Sora ca. 1443-1508

[N]o one should be neglectful to observe the word of God, but he should confess his own weakness and not cover up God’s truth. In this way we will not be guilty of any crime against the commands and words of God by speaking in this way. For such are the words of the holy Fathers and according to them we, by searching out the holy Writings, pass them on to those who come to us and seek such teachings. We, however, unworthy though we are, do not hide the writings of the blessed Fathers on Sacred Scripture and carefully teach them to those who dwell with us, which always brings great danger. If any one of the brothers should fall away from these traditions out of sloth or carelessness, he should have to confess such violations to the elder and in this way the elder can correct his fault.  (The Complete Writings: The Tradition [Predani])