Upbringing Commences at Conception

Elder Porphyrios 1906-1991

A child’s upbringing commences at the moment of its conception. The embryo hears and feels in it’s mothers womb. Yes, it hears and it sees with it’s mother’s eyes. It is aware of her movements and her emotions, even though it’s mind has not developed. If the mother’s face darkens, it darkens too. If the mother is irritated, then it becomes also. Whatever the mother experiences — sorrow, pain, fear, anxiety, etc — is also experienced by the embryo.

If the mother doesn’t want the child, if she doesn’t love it, then the embryo senses this and traumas are created in it’s little soul that accompany it all it’s life. The opposite occurs through the mother’s holy emotions. When she is filled with joy, peace and love for the embryo, she transmits these things to it mystically, just as happens to children that have been born.

For this reason a mother must pray a lot during her pregnancy and love the child growing within her, caressing her abdomen, reading psalms, singing hymns and living a holy life. This is also for her own benefit. But she makes sacrifices for the sake of the embryo so that the child will become more holy and will acquire from the very outset holy foundations.

Do you see how delicate a matter it is for a woman to go through a pregnancy? Such a responsibility and such an honor! (Wounded by Love: The Life and the Wisdom of Elder Porphyrios pg. 195)