On the Benefit of Being Mocked by the World

St. Nikon of Optina 1888-1931

At the present time, people in the world consider us believers to be foolish and stupid. They do not approve of our Orthodox faith, or ecclesiastical rules, laws and customs. They scornfully laugh at everything that is holy to us. You can often hear from believers, who are forced to live in a hostile environment, how difficult it is to endure constant mockery and derision. You should consider such treatment an honor: If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the Spirit of glory and God resteth upon you. (1 Pet. 4:14) If people laugh at us, if they do not love us, it means we are not of this world. We should not be grieved or upset over such treatment… Persecution and oppression are beneficial for us, for they strengthen us in our faith. (Living Without Hypocrisy pg. 32)