On When Not to be Meek

St. Photios the Great ca. 810-893

For, though it has been commanded that we tolerate those who otherwise despise us because we are disciples of Him Who is gentle and peaceful, still no one can tolerate those who commit violence against the Faith; since even He Himself, though He gently bore other things and did not retaliate, not only those who had become so desperate as to make His Father’s house a house of commerce did He drive away therefrom with vehement censure, but also, having threatened with a double punishment those who were sharpening their tongues against the Holy Spirit, He made their city, men and all, a work of fire and sword and famine in this world and assured them, through the fact that He had disclosed their present punishment with much anger, that they should not escape the future punishment as well. (Letter 8, From Exile to the Bishops)