On Studying the Faith

St. Philaret of Moscow 1821-1867

[T]he gift and duty of being a teacher is not intended for everyone, and the Church finds few worthy to be called theologians. However, in Christianity no one is allowed to be completely uninstructed and remain ignorant. Did not the Lord call himself a teacher, and his followers disciples? Even before the Christians were called Christians, they were called, to the last one, disciples. Is this merely an empty title, signifying nothing? Why then did the Lord send apostles into the world? Above all, it was in order to teach all people: ‘Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations….’ If you do not wish to study and try to understand Christianity, then you are not a disciple, you are not a follower of Christ; then the apostles were not sent into the world for you; you are not what all Christians have been since the beginning of Christianity. I do not know what you are and what is to become  of you. (Georges Florovsky, The Ways of Russian Theology, Part Two, trans. Rovert L. Nichols, ed. Richard S. Haugh, Vol. VI in The Collected Works of Georges Florovsky, [Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Büchervertriebsanstalt, 1987], p. 307.)