St. Tikhon on the Episcopate

St. Tikhon of Moscow 1865-1925
In my youth the office of a bishop seemed to me to be dignity, power, might, and honor. When I was a child, I had childish conceptions, now I know it means work, striving and sacrifice. It is not easy to be weak with those who are weak, nor is it easy to be an example to the faithful in word, in one’s bearing, in love, faith and chastity, and, it is certainty not easy to admonish, to threaten and to punish in all patience. The life of a true bishop is daily dying in cares and concerns for others. Therefore the success of a bishop’s activities depends not so much on human qualities and facilities, but much more on the power of God which is given to those who are conscious of their weakness. (“Saint Tikhon of Moscow: An American Friendship” Peter Carl Haskell, [unpublished paper] pg. 13)