St. Sophronius on Universalism

St. Sophronius of Jerusalem ca. 560-638

But we, because we have been given to drink the rational and guileless milk (1 Pet. 2:2) of right and blameless and well-disciplined faith, and have tasted the good word of God, thrust away all their shadowy teachings. Being free of all their lawless babblings and walking in the footsteps of our Fathers, we both speak of the consummation of the present world and believe that that life which is to come after the present life will last forever, and we hold to unending punishment; the former will gladden unceasingly those who have performed excellent deeds, but the latter will bring pain without respite, and also indeed punishment, on those  who became lovers of what was vile in this life and refused to repent before the end of their course and departure hence. For their ‘worm will not die’, says Christ the Judge, who is the Truth (Jn. 8:46), ‘and the fire will not be extinguished’ (Mk. 9:48). These things are what we think and believe, most wise one, because we have received them from the proclamation which is from the Apostles and Evangelists, from the Prophets and the Law, from Fathers and teachers, and we have made them manifest to you, all-wise one, and have hidden nothing from you. (Synodical Letter 2.4.4, Sophronius of Jerusalem and Seventh-Century Heresy trans. by Paul Allen)