On the Dark Riders

From the Gerontikon

Once an ascetic elder left the desert and went down to a city to sell his handicrafts. Fortuitously, he happened to sit by the door of a neighbor, who was dying. When he sat down, he began to stare intently, seeing a number of dark men whose sight evoked fear, since they were seated on black horses and held in their hands flaming swords. Anyway, these dark men arrived at the door of his neighbor’s house. They left their horses there and went into the house. As soon as the sick and dying neighbor saw them, he egan to cry out desperately: “Lord have mercy on me and save me!”

The dark men said to him: “Now at the setting of the sun, you remember God? Why did you not call on Him in the light of the day? There is now for you no hope of salvation or of comfort. Thereupon they hurriedly seized his soul and took leave. (The Evergetinos: A Complete Text. Vol. II of the First Book pg. 17)