On Episcopal Duties

St. John Maximovitch 1896-1966

Apart from caring for your own flock, you must also spread Christ’s faith among those who do not yet know Truth. The preaching of Christ’s teaching and faith in Christ and the Life-creating Trinity is the fulfillment of a duty laid down by Christ on the apostles and the required duty of archpastor and pastors. You must bring the Light of Christ to all who do not believe in Christ, shining with the light of your own example and proclaiming the words of eternal life.

Following Saints Basil the Great and John Chrysostom, offering prayers at the Divine Liturgy for the entire Church, for the entire universe, a bishop must know not only his own territory, but must take to heart all that is transpiring in the entire universal Church. Without interfering in affairs of others and without any pretenses on the authority of other bishops, strive to offer help wherever you can, giving brotherly counsel where necessary, but above all by the example of your own stand for the Truth and defense of it. (Archbishop John,  A Word of Instruction Given When Presenting the Staff to a New Bishop. Manuscript: Western American Diocese Archives)