On Spreading the Orthodox Gospel

St. John Maximovitch 1896-1966

The Gospel of Christ must be preached throughout the world in an Orthodox context. Only then will the end come. (Blessed John Wonder-worker of San Francisco, Again Magazine December 1993 Page 27-31 Source)


  1. Marc Trolinger says

    St. John was truly a gifted visionary pastor and bishop for the Church. He understood that the terrible tribulations of the 20th Century that led to the diaspora of Orthodox Christians to heterodox nations was to fulfill the Apostolic mission of the Church (Matthew 24:14).

    The Orthodox Church understands herself as the New Israel, and sad to say she often behaves like Old Israel. Instead of being true to the “Apostolic” dimension of Holy Tradition, that is outwardly focused and missionary, we Orthodox Christians are often inwardly focused and our leaders reflect this by an attitude that is very much like the leaders of Old Israel at the time of our Lord’s First Coming. In other words, our situational awareness is not very good and we are likely to be as unprepared for the Second Coming as Old Israel was for the First Coming. Consider the prevailing understanding of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 as an example of this. Most Orthodox teachers hold to the view that all of this prophecy is yet to take place, failing to consider the facts of history and the current reality. We believe that the Orthodox Church is the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, yet over 80% of those professing to be Christians today, live outside of the Orthodox Church. That a major falling away has already occurred cannot be denied.

    The only prophecy remaining to be fulfilled before our Lord’s Second Coming is Matthew 24:14. This is why we Orthodox Christians must strive to be more outward and missionary in the focus of our lives in Christ. Websites like this one along with the establishment of Orthodox missions in places like South Asian, the Arabian penisula, and Antartica are all signs that Matthew 24:14 is being fulfilled.

  2. Amen and amen! I could not agree more.

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