Prayers for the Church and the World

St. Isaac the Syrian died ca. 700

Lord, overshadow Your holy Church which has been redeemed by Your blood; cause to dwell in it Your true peace which You gave to Your holy Apostles; bind her children in holy bonds of indissoluble love; may the rebel not have power over her, and keep far from her persecution, tumult, and wars, both from those within and from those without; and may kings and priests be bound together in great peace and love, their minds always filled with gazing towards You; and may the holy Faith be a wall for Your flock.

I beg and bessech You, Lord: grant to all who have gone astray a true knowledge of You, so that each and every one may come to know Your glory. In the case of those who have passed from this world lacking a virtuous life and having had no faith, be an Advocate for them, Lord, for the sake of the body which You took from them, so that from the single united body of the world we may offer up praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Heaven, and unending source of eternal delight. (The Spiritual World of St. Isaac the Syrian pp. 206-207)