St. Andrew on Holy Scripture

St. Andrew of Caesarea ca. 6th cent.

First, therefore, as you yourself well know, since there are three parts to a human being, all divinely inspired Scripture has been endowed with three parts by divine grace. And by this (grace), the body is somewhat like the letter and like history established according to sense perception.  In like manner, the soul is the figurative sense, guiding the reader from that which can be perceived by the intellect. Likewise the spirit has appeared to be the anagogoical sense and the contemplation of the future and higher things, so that the first level moreover is appropiate to the ones guided by the Law, the second (is appropiate) to the ones governed by grace, and the third (is appropiate) to those who exist in the blessed condition in which the Spirit governs, having subordinated to it all carnal thoughts and motions. (Commentary on the Apocalypse, Introduction)