St. Justinian on Divine Monarchy

St. Justinian the Great

“The two greatest gifts which God in His infinite goodness has granted men are the Priesthood and the Empire. The priesthood takes care of divine interests and the empire of human interests of which is has supervision. Both powers emanate from the same principle and bring human life to its perfection. It is for this reason that emperors have nothing closer to their hearts than the honor of priests because they pray continually to God for the emperors. When the clergy shows a proper spirit and devotes itself entirely to God, and the emperor governs the state which is entrusted to him, then a harmony results which is most profitable to the human race. So it is then that the true divine teachings and the honor of the clergy are the first among our preoccupations.” Saint Justinian, Novella Six


  1. Have you read this book yet:

    It’s a fantastic apologia not only for Orthodox monarchical societies but also a devastating blow to the “whig history” enlightenment paradigm in which we are all steeped. Monarchy was built about the view of civil society as a family, hence the beloved names for the king and queen as “batiushka” and “matushka.” The only drawback is that the author is a schismatic.

    Nevertheless, we must live in the age in which God has put us. He has seen fit to bless American republicanism, at least for a dispensation, and for now it does us no good to agitate for monarchy in this land since it would not be Orthodox or anything resembling something Christian.

    But would Orthodox Christians owe some sort of allegiance to an Orthodox Emperor were God to bring one back? Surely. St. Alexis Toth made this point about the Tsar. Now, he was no Russian, but was a Slav. He said that any Orthodox person and certainly any Slavic person owed allegiance to the Russian Tsar because God had used him so often to protect the Church (in all lands) and to protect the Slavs when everyone else– the Germans, the Swedes, the Turks, etc.– was against them.

  2. Thanks! I shall order that book.

    I believe what Chrysostom, Seraphim Rose, and others have said about the Monarchy, and that is that the Monarchy is the “Restrainer” in 2 Thes. 2. This means that it has been “taken out of the way” for a reason. With that said, I think it would still be in our best interest to honor any emperor that would rise within the Third Rome, our motherland. This could fulfill the Great Commission that Christ has called us to and that Saint Paul speaks of, being unified and able to “disciple all nations.” As you know, a number of Russian saints have prophesied the return of the Tsar and of the empire, but the Antichrist could be in the details of this; not that we should anticipate corruption within the Church, but that with such power within a society as “mobile” and technological as it is today, there will be attempts to thwart the emperor and deceive the world with relativism and full ecumenicism.

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