On Orthodox/Non-Chalcedonian Ecumenical Discussions

Council of Chalcedon

Fr. John Romanides 1927-2001

Our discussions have now reached the point where the Chalcedonian Orthodox are clearly being told that the Non-Chalcedonians should not be expected to accept Chalcedon as a condition of union. This now seems to be put to us as a condition for continuing our unofficial dialogue. Such a condition is unacceptable and for us can only mean the end of dialogue. We strongly sense that either:

(1) there has taken place a radical change since (the discussions at) Aarhus [1964] and Bristol [1967], or

(2) we have all along been the objects of an ecumenical technique which aims at the accomplishment of inter-communion or communion, or union without agreement on Chalcedon and the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Ecumenical Councils.

The Non-Chalcedonians should very clearly realize that from our side the faith professed cannot be separated from the people who profess. The faith confessed by the Fathers of Chalcedon is the true faith. If we accept that faith we must accept also the Fathers who profess this true faith. Otherwise, the communion of saints confessing this faith is not accepted as a reality. In this connection, I would stress that we are not going to be maneuvered into positions predetermined for us by ecumenical technicians and strategists. (Greek Orthodox Theological Review Spring-Fall 1971)


  1. However, the 1994 article, is Fr. Romanides’ last word on it:


    It was printed in Theologia, Athens, 1994, vol. LXV, issue 3, pp. 479-493. It wasn’t just a ‘reprint’, because he references the 1960s and 1970s; in the article, which, again, if you look at the link, and that dating of the article, he states that he feels that there are no substantial problems to unity with the Monophysite Anti-Chalcedonians. The article from GOTR is from 1971; the one above is from 1994.

    I took into account this older view, since it was noted in an Orthodox Info center article about the Non-Chalcedonians. Again, the one printed in the above post of Classical Christianity is from 1971; however, Fr. Romanides summed up his beliefs in the 1994 article linked in this post, and which I review below in the link.


  2. Fr. Enoch,

    Thank you for visiting and thanks again for clearing that up.

    in ICXC,

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