On Faith and Science

St. Nikolai Velimirovich 1880-1956

European education has been separated from faith in God. It has thus turned into a poisoner, and is, because of this, the death of European humanity. Even in pagan cultures, science was never separated from faith, although the faith was wrong and stupid. It has only happened in Europe, the same Europe that received the most perfect faith. But, because of the conflict with ecclesiastical leaders, Europe became embittered and rejected the most perfect faith, while retaining the most perfect science. Oh, my brethren, it has rejected divine knowledge and accepted human ignorance! What stupidity, and what darkness! (Through the Prison Window, Himmelsthür 1985, p.72)


  1. Nikolaj Velimirovic is in no case Saint, on the contrary a heretic ecumenist from the first hour. During his studies on the Old Catholic Faculty of Theology at Berne / Switzerland about the years 1905 Velimirovic has taken the “communion” by the Old Catholics in their Cathedral Peter and Paul at Berne with the permission of the Serbian Patriarch. Velimirovic is a a man of the heretic fallen so called “Wolrd Orthodoxy”. This is the truth !

  2. Anon,

    Why not write your name?? Likely because you feel that you are judging one of God’s holy ones and your conscience has pricked you. Even Vladimir Moss holds that SAINT Nikolai repented of his early ecumenism. Additionally, his works are read by many amongst the True Orthodox and he is certainly venerated by many of them as well. There are no treatises against the false ecumenists that can rival St. Justin’s “Orthodoxy and Ecuemnism” and yet he considered SAINT Nikolai to be a holy man even during his lifetime. Contrary to your anonymous attack let us see what St. John Maximovitch thought about SAINT Nikolai two years after his repose:

    “The young Velimirovich, while growing in body, grew all the more in spirit. As a sponge soaks up water, so he absorbed learning. Not only one but many schools had him as their pupil and auditor. Serbia, Russia, England, France and Switzerland saw him in their lands as a bee collecting nectar. He not only strove to learn much, he also strove to acquire Truth. Firm in the Orthodox faith, he sought to obtain even with his mind that which faith gives. He did not doubt in the truth of faith; rather, he longed to sanctify his intellect with the Truth, and to serve the Truth with his mind, heart, and will. He developed his mind such that with its fruits he nourished not only himself but others as well. As much as he grew in knowledge, so he grew in spirit. … Constantly pondering the ultimate questions, he gathered wisdom from everywhere – from learning, from nature, from the happenings of everyday life. Most of all he enlightened his soul with the Divine light, nourishing it with the Holy Scriptures and prayer.” One of the most useful pieces of advice that Bishop Nikolai received for his own spiritual life came from an Athonite elder. In response to his question, “Tell me, father, what is your chief spiritual exercise?” the elder replied, “The perfect visualization of God’s presence.” The bishop later related this to others, adding, “Ever since, I tried this visualization of God’s presence. And as little as I succeeded, it helped me enormously to prevent me from sinning in freedom and from despairing in prison” (quoted in Kesich, xv-xvi).http://www.roca.org/OA/158/158f.htm

    As can be expected, those words are nothing like what anonymous people on the internet say. I would suggest that you humble yourself and glorify he whom God and His Saints has glorified. Read this and get informed:


    in ICXC,


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