On Apostolic Responsibility

Metropolitan Amphilochius (Radovich)

His [St. Nikolai Velimirovich] sense of apostolic responsibility for all people and all nations can be explained. It is a fact that he was nearly the first [Orthodox] Christian bishop who preached Christ, in English, in the 20s of the twentieth century, to African Americans in Manhattan, New York.* (The Theanthropic Ethos of Holy Bishop Nikolai Velimirovich. [kindle version])

* St. Philip’s Church in Harlem, New York


  1. Where’s the content to this article? Yes, St. Nikolai was special, but I thought there might be some insights here on the subject I could share with some non-Orthodox who are asking. Disappointing.

  2. William,

    Sorry to disappoint! This is mainly a blog of quotes. I wanted to express that St. Nikolai sought to bring the Gospel (Orthodoxy) to everyone. Even to the point of going into a black church in Harlem during times of wider racial divide. Perhaps the title could have been better!

    in ICXC,

  3. Yes, I have his Prologue. Has been very edifying. I’ve got to stop wrangling with Protestants anyway; they’re not understanding my answers. Perhaps it’s not my gift.

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