On the Reception of Converts in Orthodox Gaul

Council of Arles ca. 314

Concerning the Africans who use their own special law in that they practice rebaptism, it is resolved that if any come to the church from heresy, they question him on the creed (used at his baptism), and if they consider him to have been baptized into the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, let him only receive the laying on of hands so that he receive the Holy Spirit; but if when questioned he does not solemnly confess this Trinity, let him be baptized. (Canon 8)


  1. do Rome the same today? I think it’s augustinianism

  2. This can’t be Augustinian because St. Augustine wasn’t born until circa 354 ad. This does reflect the practice of the Church of Rome. They had a early tradition in which they didn’t baptize converts. The Church of Carthage and many places in the East did accept converts by baptism. The Orthodox Church utilizes both traditions.

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