On a Blessed Repose

St. Theognostos ca. 14th cent.?

Inexpressible is the soul’s delight when in full assurance of salvation it leaves the body, stripping it off as though it were a garment. Because it is now attaining what it hopes for, it puts off the body painlessly, going in peace to meet the radiant and joyful angel that comes down for it, and traveling with him unimpeded through the air, totally unharmed by the evil spirits. Rising with joy, courage and thanksgiving, it comes in adoration before the Creator, and is allotted its place among those akin to it and equal to it in virtue, until the universal resurrection. (On the Practice of the Virtues, Contemplation and the Priesthood 61)


  1. Thank you for sharing. This is timely. A beloved substitute teacher (retiree) who worked many times with my special needs daughter over the last five years in her elementary school, died unexpectedly last week. My daughter has been feeling very sad and processing death a lot this year so far. This is the fifth person we knew personally–friends or family members who has passed away since January. She was able to go to the wake, not the funeral. I would have liked to take her to the funeral, but I had to work. (The teacher was Greek Orthodox and it would have been my first Orthodox funeral.) I will share the substance of this thought with my daughter and show her the picture. I think it will be very helpful to her. Thanks.

  2. You’re very welcome. May God grant rest to His servant who has fallen asleep.

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