Prepare for the Catacombs

Hieromonk Seraphim Rose 1934-1982

We ourselves have a feeling—based on nothing very definite as yet—that the best hope for preserving true Orthodoxy in the years ahead will lie in such small gatherings of believers, as much as possible ‘one in mind and soul.’ The history of the twentieth century has already shown us that we cannot expect too much from the ‘Church organization’; there, even apart from heresies, the spirit of the world has become very strong. Archbishop Averky, and our own Bishop Nektary also, have warned us to prepare for catacomb times ahead, when the grace of God may even be taken away from the ‘Church organization’ and only isolated groups of believers will remain. Soviet Russia already gives us an example of what we may expect—only worse, for the times do not get better. (Hope – Fr. Seraphim Rose, His Life and Works)


  1. I believe that Fr Seraphim is prophetic in this statement. The catacombs times will creep up on us in America rather than the violently fast movement of the former Soviet Union. The secular society, of America, is like a genetic cancer that when triggered, slowly began to kill its host.

  2. It crept along in Russia as well until it reached the melting point. The corruption from the top eventually built up into an anti-ecclesial/anti-czar fervor among the people. I completely agree with you that we all need to prepare. Our melting point is coming…

    Elder Ignatius of Harbin, Manchuria in the 1930’s said this: “What began in Russia will end in America.”

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