Saint Dorotheos on Self-Indulgence

Saint Dorotheos of Gaza 505-565 

“Self-indulgence takes many forms. A man may be self-indulgent in speech, in touch, in sight. From self-indulgence a man comes to idle speech and worldly talk, to buffoonery and cracking indecent jokes. There is self-indulgence in touching without necessity, making mocking signs with the hands, pushing for a place, snatching up something for oneself, approaching someone else shamelessly. All these things come from not having the fear of God in the soul and from these a man comes little by little to perfect contempt.” Discourses and Sayings; Cistercian Publications pg.114


  1. I am certainly there, my friends. It’s a slippery slope, this indulgence business. Often it is how the devil tricks us into greater and greater sins. May God rescue us with His truth, and by the prayers of Abba Dorotheos.

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