Heterodox Quote of the Week

“St. James’ Epistle is really an epistle of straw, for it has nothing of the nature of the Gospel about it.” — Martin Luther


  1. What is it say about his “Gospel” when it is completely at odds with the Gospel of the first bishop of Jerusalem and the president of the first Apostolic council.

    Someone must have “another Gospel”…

    And for those who think they can reconcile sola fide and the book of James, then the disciples are greater than the master:

    “Many sweat to reconcile St. Paul and St. James, as does Melanchthon in his Apology, but in vain. “faith justifies” and “faith does not justify” contradict each other flatly. If any one can harmonize them I will give him my doctor’s hood and let him call me a fool.” (LW 54:424)

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